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Mayoral Horserace: Lone candidate continues raising cash



Last week District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg was sworn in as mayor pro-tem.

So when Mayor Ivy Taylor isn’t around, Nirenberg will play the role of mayor. Nirenberg, who said the full council should debate ride-sharing and has urged the council to move on from VIA streetcar issues to more important ones, like the budget, may have a taste for the top spot.

The District 8 council member has $47,872.59 in maintained contributions for the first six months of 2014, during which he raised $34,287.69.

Nirenberg’s chief of staff, T.J. Mayes, recently told the Current that the councilman didn’t realize he had the second-most in maintained campaign contributions among council members, following District 9 Councilman Joe Krier, who has a little more than $64,000 in the coffers. Mayes said the only announcement that Nirenberg has is that he wants to run for the District 8 seat again.

However, Texas Rep. Mike Villarreal, the only candidate at the starting gate who has said they want to be mayor, has more than $120,000 in maintained campaign contributions, according to his semi-annual campaign finance report. In fact, Villarreal was receiving so many contributions that he had to return thousands of dollars to supporters to comply with state election laws. And while Villarreal’s the clear front-runner now, should Taylor rethink her decision not to run for mayor, the Texas rep. could get a run for his money.