Live Music


When: Tue., June 9, 8 p.m. 2015

Road-hardened and gold-toothed, Melvins have been a heavy, hexing and genreless treat since their 1987 debut Gluey Porch Treatments. The Aberdeen, Washington band saw a bit of major label light in the early ’90s, when the big recording companies bought anything with a guitar out of the Pacific Northwest. After a few years on Atlantic, Melvins have toiled on the small press, just the way they like it. As frontman King Buzzo told the San Antonio Current last year, the band is only concerned with what they’re doing presently. “Legacies don’t do much for you, you know. I guess it’s nice and gets people interested to some degree. But I am much more about what I have done lately.” Wearing bloody babydoll dresses and playing with raw food and freshly slaughtered meat, Teri Gender Bender is a front woman hell-bent on playing punk rock in its purest, messiest form. Formed in Mexico, Le Butcherettes are lethal and feminine, much like nightshade, a beautiful but deadly combination.

Price: $16