1. Los Roberto's Taco Shop
Multiple locations

At the original Los Roberto's Taco Shop, the salsas were the initial hook — along with the excessive burritos stuffed with chile relleno (yes, really) and the tacos de tripa con guac. But menudo? From a place with a California bent? Not so much. Yet here it is on weekends only in true traditional fashion. It comes to you fiercely orange, full of flavor and appropriately accessorized with chopped onion and cilantro. We'd add more hominy, but, as a more-than-big-enough small bowl is only $4, we'd also have it again — preferably with a remarkably non-greasy barbacoa taco (corn, please) augmented with a generous slurp of salsa verde. Or whatever color – from brilliant orange to camo green — that your palate desires.

2. Mi Tierra Café & Bakery
218 Produce Row
(210) 225-1262

3. Tellez Tamales
Multiple locations

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