1. Rosario's Mexican Café y Cantina
Multiple locations

From its outpost in Southtown, Rosario's made San Antonio safe for serious salsa — the kind that comes complete with charred bits of tomato and chile, the kind that lasts all the way through a bountiful bowl of fresh chips, the kind that can outshout even Rosario's famously cacophonous environment. And once you've had your fill of chips, ladle the stuff into and onto almost anything else — the albondigas, the parrilla de fajitas or carnitas ... stopping just short of anointing the sweet tamales. With its second, northside location and an outlet at the airport, Rosario's is approaching chain-status tipping point — but not to worry. There are even a few new items, the paquetes de jicama y camaron and the believe-it-or-not quinoa chile relleno among them, to keep corporate cuisine at bay. Desserts, normally not worth more than a nod at Mexi-joints, are championed here by the nutty bread pudding with cajeta and blueberry/raspberry compote.


2. La Posada del Rey
1896 Nacogdoches Rd.
(210) 828-5666

3. Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine
5800 Broadway St., Suite 300
(210) 822-6151


2. TIE: Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine
5800 Broadway St., Suite 300
(210) 822-6151

2. TIE: Las Palapas
Multiple locations

3. Guajillo's – The Shortcut To Mexico
(210) 344-4119

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