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Minneapolis Bureau, Under the Bridge, y Foto-rama

Minneapolis Bureau, Under the Bridge, y Foto-rama


That's a snowplow, y'all. I put it there to herald the next installment from Lori Mocha, the Current's Minneapolis Bureau. Winter's still happening there, and well, sir: SHE DON'T LIKE IT.

Here's what she has to say:

“Hey down there in San Antonio, y'all. I hear it's hot there already.

Well not here in Minneapolis. Here we have piles and piles of snow and gray skies.

And our Minneapolis streets are rough, you guys. Here we have a man who just got killed by a snow plow.

So, not only might you freeze to death here, you also might get run down by a snow plow WHILE freezing to death.

I don't want to be scared of snow plows. I am jealous of your heat, San Antonio. I want to be hot! I want to be melting in the desert with you guys! In our cowboy hats, next to a cactus, drinking lemonade, as I imagine you all do, all the time.

No lemonade sipping here. There is no end to our winter in sight. It ain't over until May, even though some people here like to pretend our winter ends in March. HA! They are in denial. I mean, it is still very much winter now and it will snow at least twice in April. You better believe it. I'm telling you.

I bet my sister a hundred dollars that it will snow twice more in April. Which is confusing because now I am hoping it will snow in April, when really I want winter to be over so bad.

Gambling, wishing we were in San Antonio and feeling a little bit superior about what horrific weather we can withstand——that's how we deal with it.

But it's not working for me. I haven't seen the sun in days and it's sending me on a bender.

So when you start feeling like it's too hot there in Texas, think of me up here freezing to death in an igloo and appreciate your weather, ok?”


Anna-Marie Lopez,

PARASOL 2008 24" x 24" acrylic on wood

courtesy of the artist

The painting above has little to do with the following e-mail, except both were made by the same person, artist Anna-Marie Lopez. Image and e-mail posted with her permission. I think this e-mail is both very poetic and impassioned, like Anna-Marie. I hope she gets back on her sandwich-and-hope delivery rounds soon.

subject: my bridge people ????? SA the meanest but cleanest city!

i went to the "bridge" today as i have 2-3 times a week for the last few months,

loaded with sandwiches and water,

but was so very upset by what i found.

the city went and chased off my homeless people!

the arrested some beat up a few and handed out tickets

ranging from $200-$500 for camping.

i spoke with one man (michael) that was given 3 tickets. now he will

be arrested since he doesn't even have a $ or he would not be under

the bridge.

they are also loading them up in and shipping

them to other parts of town...sigh and there is nothing that i can do...

besides my painting this is the one other thing that i am

truly passionate about. i generally don't like people but i do care

for the homeless...i am not too far from being one of them.

please tell my, which brainiac is responsible for this?


Does anybody out there know what's up with this? Shout out to me if you do, please.


And now for some random recent photos I hope you'll enjoy. Funny, ever since Mark Jones bid adieu to his recurring On the Street blog post series yesterday , I've got an urge to be all compendium-like. I'm bitin' your style, Jones! And for this, I shall Pay Pal you one dollar.

OK, so. Here's some stuff I saw in the last few weeks.

Worst, first: AWFUL phone photo of very interesting “DIY and the Avant-Garde” panel discussion at UTSA downtown campus, 3/19

Kubrick-y classroom, no? Members of panel visible in photo, l-r: Michele Monseau of Three Walls Gallery, Dan Anderson of Bearded Child Film Festival, Jason Kahn,sound artist with installation at the Beauty College, currently, and Leslie Raymond at podium, introducing them. HIDDEN PANELISTS!: Chris Cogburn of the No Idea Festival, and Justin Boyd, mediator.

Sid St. Onge (of Fear Snakeface ) at the Artist Foundation Benefit Pig Roast, Feb 21. Spontaneous performance with roasted pig patas. Note Ethel Shipton, co-host of roast, laughing at him in background.

Sorry, vegans.

Albrechto Alvarez, also on 2/21, at Russell Stephenson opening at C-Art

Note dry erase board behind him; spontaneous original work (untitled, I think).

Alvarez at work

Detail of dry erase board, before:

After adding some negative space:

Now, here's a random Alzafar Shrine Circus elephant in tow, 281 N, on Sunday 2/22

Bird's nest in tree outside Unit B, Cedar Street, 2/24

Tacomiendo, the very good taco truck which parks at Artpace on Fridays, 12-2 (this was on 2/27)

Taco eaters, including (l-r) Mark Jones, Beto Gonzales, Kelly O'Connor, Elaine Wolff, cute boy, and Jesse Amado

Student sports team propaganda artwork “Battle of the Beaks,” UTSA (1604) campus, March 4. I was out there attending Leslie Raymond (of Potter-Belmar Labs) Advanced New Media class, who are showing at the convention center during Luminaria (see upcoming Wednesday's issue for article!)

“Beak Defeat”, possibly by same artist


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