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Mixed messages: Fiesta yard signs



During last July’s Political Art Month, ART SA Gallery’s Darryl Mix remixed “No Socialism” and “No Selfishness” yard signs by cutting them apart and reassembling them. One such sign read, “i seens los signs so now what?” Mix seems to have answered this question with a new series of limited-edition Fiesta yard signs. The proposed new classics, “FIESTA…I’m lovin it!,” “FIESTA…JUST DO IT,” “NIOSA: SPOKEN HERE” (proceeds from which benefit the San Antonio Conservation Society), “KEEP FIESTA WEIRD,” and “Don’t mess with Fiesta,” were realized in collaboration with artist Kallie Pfeiffer, who spelled out Mix’s slogans in Fiesta colors, framed them in papel picado, and photographed them for a limited run of 50 numbered digital prints mounted on Coroplast panels. The set of five sells for $100 (individual signs cost $25 each) at ART SA Gallery (108 E. Mistletoe), Amol’s Party Supplies (710 S. Flores), and South Texas Saddlery (290 E. Basse). For details, visit