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Mmmmmmmm, Mohammad

A timely satirical "field report" by Gene Elder in response to the South Park (etc) death-threat fracas.
Speaking of satire and freedom of speech, don't forget about Political Art Month!
Unrelated note: I have no idea why those sentences are underlined.


Mohammad Face Appears On Tortillas
San Antonio, Texas:
by Gene Elder

As has been feared, the face of Mohammad has been turning up on more and more tortillas across the southwest United States, mainly flour, but some corn said one observer who wished to remain anonymous.
Mostly these images have been seen in the Spanish speaking communities. But from South Texas through New Mexico and Arizona,
Mexican American families have noticed that the image has been appearing. Many were confused about whose image was staring back at them since they are not Muslims, but upon reading the newspaper accounts of cartoon trouble they realized that it was the face of Mohammad.
As is the Catholic custom, these Mexican Americans are inclined to show off their discovery in the same way that they do when the Virgin Mary appears, or the face of our lord and savior Jesus appears on a tortilla. Sharing this image with the community is an act of caring as pilgrims come for blessings and healings.
Sensible Trinity University students in San Antonio, who have been enjoying the news about Islamists burning down KFC and McDonald's, have wisely advised that these tortillas are for eating and to not show them to their Muslim friends.
If the face of Mohammad turns up in your community, it is advised that you not start a shrine.

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(Author's note): If Express-News reported UFOs, more papers would sell.

That's Gene Elder, folks: Always on the job.
He also sent this idea:

May 20, 2010 is Everyone Draw Mohammed Day. Stand up for Freedom of Speech and offend some Islamofascists today!

Draw Muhammad Day 2010!

This idea was originally started by Seattle artist Molly Norris after the censorship that has been happened on South Park this year. Norris created a cartoon that called for May 20th to be 'Everybody Draw Muhammad Day'.

Norris has pulled the idea of Draw Muhammad Day, but I wish to continue it on. At the time of this writing, I do not know of any place to centrally collect images of Muhammad. Consider this that place.

I will pool all the images and on the morning of May 20, 2010, will publish an image gallery containing all appropriate images for the world to see.

Take your time and think long and hard about how you want to depict Muhammad. The best entries will be featured in a separate gallery at the top of the page. There are some ground rules for the depiction of Muhammad however.

Keep it clean. This is about proving that this is America and, in America, we don't back down when threatned. Showing the world that we're not afraid to depict Muhammad is the point, not use it for your personal/political/religious message.

Please make sure your name/initials/signature is inscribed in the image. Since these will be posted for anyone to freely view or keep, I think it's important that we keep credit where credit is due. This is, however, totally up to you. Just don't get mad if you didn't put your initials in an image and you see it floating around the internet.

Additionaly, when you submit your image for the gallery, you're releasing the creator and maintainer of this site from any legal or financial responsibility that arises from your submission of an image to this site.

Unfortunately, this page is pretty bare right now. I wanted to get it up and running. Over the next couple of weeks, leading up to May 20th, I will be posting more information on why this is an important cause to uptake, what's wrong with depictions of Muhammad and other miscellaneous information.

Until then, feel free to submit your photos to

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