Muppets Most Wanted

When: Sat., Aug. 8, 8:15 p.m. 2015

After breathing new life into the Muppet franchise with the 2011 family musical aptly titled The Muppets and even winning an Oscar while doing it (“Man or Muppet” was pretty darn catchy), director James Bobin, music supervisor Bret McKenzie and the entire cast of Jim Henson’s foamy friends returned for Muppets Most Wanted, this time without lead actors Jason Segel and Amy Adams. While the 2014 sequel wasn’t as critically acclaimed as its predecessor (although why wouldn’t it be with actor Christoph Waltz dancing a waltz and a cameo by Danny Trejo?), it still provided laughs and proved fans were interested in waxing nostalgic, which is probably one of the reasons Kermit and company were given a brand new TV series on ABC, starting September 22. We’ll see if the sitcom’s Office-style format will get people to tune in. Until then, Slab Cinema is keeping the Muppets momentum going as the gang gets caught up in an international jewel heist. Tina Fey uses an Eastern Russian accent, Ty Burrell does an impersonation of Inspector Jacques Clouseau and the Muppets sing about how sequels are never as good as the original.

Price: Free