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Music my mom does yoga to


Every time I go home to visit, I do yoga with my mom, a devoted practitioner of the Anusara style. She’s always playing crazy pop music while we practice, and it always works! She shares her playlists with other yoga posers every other week. — Callie Enlow

This week’s column is about the winter solstice, albeit a few weeks late. Embrace the darkness and welcome the light! These playlists are about 20 minutes long but they all go well together if you want a longer practice.

Harry Nilsson “The Moonbeam Song” — Who doesn’t like Harry Nilsson? This is a great way to start your practice.

Rufus Wainwright “Oh What a World” — Not many lyrics, but the orchestration is fun with its nod to Ravel’s “Boléro.” The repetitiveness starts the flow in your practice.

John Legend & The Roots “Shine” — Perfect for sun salutations and any pose that you want to shine out on.

Daniela Mercury “Santa Helena” — Back to the night sky and the stars shine bright.

Bill Withers “Lovely Day” — End the practice with another feel-good song. — Leslie Enlow