n-Between-Ness: New And Selected Works By David M. Alcantar

When: Sat., June 13, 7-10 p.m. 2015

David M. Alcantar is an American artist residing in San Antonio, TX. Although Alcantar was born in Laredo, his work is largely absent of the Hispanic political and cultural promotion typical of the south Texas region; instead it broadens its scope to the politics of human culture and experience. Since developing a nascent interest in art as a child, Alcantar has been moved by “big picture ideas”, as he refers to them. Alcantar’s work, which he often refers to as an “abstracted narrative”, uses formal construction to pursue conceptual expression, ultimately creating a context for meaningful experience. This body of work asserts that everything is a negotiation and that negotiating is a universal and continual human behavior. It is a visualization of the unfolding of the narratives at hand as a result of negotiated choices. It explores the contexts that influence how decisions, or negotiations, are made or conducted; the convergence and divergence of narratives resulting from negotiated choices; and the internal dialogue, or self-negotiation, that occurs silently when considering a decision.