Live Music

Night of the Creeps

When: Sat., Oct. 31, 8 p.m. 2015

Usually with these Halloween cover-a-thons, one band doesn’t get the memo, drops in a choice out of left field and disrupts the aesthetic hex of the evening. For Paper Tiger’s first trick-or-treat, the venue gathers seven San Anto bands interpreting the dark music of their choice. Thank Mictecacihuatl for Paper Tiger’s affiliation with Transmission Events, for the Best Dressed patron wins two free tickets to Fun Fun Fun Fest next weekend. With Massiver as Joy Division, Coolers as The Misfits, Cannibal Bitch as GG Allin, De Palma as Suicide, Cock in the Pocket as The Stooges, The Bolos (with special guest) as The Cramps and Sex Piss as Sex Pistols.

Price: Free