Live Music


When: Fri., Dec. 28, 10 p.m. 2018

As the Current noted several weeks back, decent-to-good tribute bands can really do well for themselves in this town. We are a nostalgic bunch, what can we say? So, it’s really no surprise that Nightbird, a Houston based Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks tribute band, which features singer Brooke Alyson doing a spot-on Stevie impression — and we’re talking vocals, costumes and makeup — is playing S.A. once again this week. In this group’s capable hands, the beloved catalog of both Nicks’ solo career and especially Fleetwood Mac is brought to life with the youthful energy and decadent aimlessness that once so enthrallingly possessed the band. In other words, seeing Nightbird live is bound to be the closest you can get (without a time machine) to experiencing Fleetwood Mac in its heyday. As such, we can’t recommend this show enough as a fine way to spend one of the last nights of your 2018.

Price: $10