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On the Street: The Cave of Parrots, European Tourists, Sad Sack Has No Friends, Bone Deep Confusion, and Other Watercooler Discussion Points

"No Longer Older Than Dirt"

Letters (to the On the Street Penthouse Suite)

#1 Bob the Gardener and the Cave of Parrots

Bob the Gardener (the behind the scenes Svengali) writes in...


does the Current have a weekend getaways writer? can I deliver this scoop to you?

planning to spend a lost weekend in Xilitla, leaving tomorrow afternoon, to scope out the weird surrealist ruin that is Las Pozas, links below. there is also a cave full of parrots. It occurs to me, late in the game yes, that this is sort of right up your alley?

I will take pictures in hopes of being able to construct something that could be sold for 30 dollars to your editors.

I think it's an excellent idea. How about 25 dollars?

#2 The Artist Formerly Known As Mantecatron Responds From Mexico Re: Gardener Bob and the Cave of Parrots

So, Brad (Bob) is entering the high stakes world of rare bird smuggling...

I did read about that place. I don't care for Europeans in Mexico. Or rich eccentrics. Or surrealism.

Maybe during my third or fourth pass at Mexico....

How long us Brad going to stay?

What's new?


#3 OTS Insider Jack the Elder Writes from Costa Rica

Mark, I´m in Costa Rica until mid- Dec. Hope the swap goes (or went) well. Lots of bikes on the roads here, and about a fatality per week on average. Later, Jack

#4 Sad Sack

Friend of OTS Michael from Austin writes in again:

I refuse to feel bad for the man. But damn!

Wrong Call

I don't know why I kept my California cell phone number. I suppose it's easy to remember. Also, it's out of state so perhaps less people will call me. Those two things seem to be contradictory but it works for me.

I occasionally get calls from people in LA always looking for someone else, though usually it's incomprehensible mumbling. Case in point, someone calls yesterday and asks for the office fax number. I decided to play along and try to get more information from the caller. It sounded like she wanted the fax number for “bone deep”. That sounded like it had to be a porn film. I told the woman that I was really busy in the office right now and that she should quit calling me and hung up.

Moments later, I googled “bone deep” and it seems it might actually be an A- list movie being shot in downtown LA. Something about bank robbers and being produced by Grand Hustle Entertainment, or something like that.

Not sure where this is going yet but I'm on the look out for more calls coming in. I'll probably just start collecting phone numbers and taking messages for the Production Coordinator.

I've been told my number is a few digits off from the Fox Studios number. Anyway, we'll see where this goes.

Smoke, Mirrors, and Beaujolais Noveau

On Friday I stopped by Unit B for an opening for some interesting new work. Being the 3rd Thursday of November (or was it Friday?) I remember that it was time for Beaujolais Noveau, so I bought a plastic (plastic!) bottle I found at Whole Foods and went on down.

It was a two person show yet the different works seemed to flow so well together it was difficult to discern where one began and the other ended.

And yes, perhaps that was the point.

I'm not saying it was freezing but it wasn't hot either. A fire in the palacial side yard kept people occupied. Fireside chatting included: "yeah, what about that benefit with Snowbyrd up in some weird banquet hall up by the airport", "ha, that's a plastic bottle you're drinking out of", a few people giggling at a local artist for having his fly down.

Spurs Move Uphill

A few weeks ago the season was in jeopardy of being left for dead. First, new player Roger Mason Jr. strung together a stretch of impressive games and held the team together while Manu and Tony Parker were out with injuries. The team began playing impressive slowdown, make it ugly defense and the team allowed itself to stay in just about every game.

More recently, Spurs rookie (rookie!) George Hill began to get more minutes, and basically, has brought an even greater excitement back to the team.

(Yeah, those highlights are pretty horrible. Jump to the 2:00 mark for a way too brief mention of Hill. Basically, there's not a lot of video out there to work with. My hands are tied.)

Almost everyone is playing well. Manu Ginobili is back and performing his indescribable sorcery. The team that was “older than dirt” now has a new lease on legitimacy.

Sure, if I had a Spurs press pass I'd be giving you more details but let's not go crazy. I'll watch from random televisions across the city, continue to take the pulse of the city, make notes and chart team improvement. If I'm at the game there are all those free buffets that writers gorge themselves on, overloading their system with carbohydrates, which is nothing but begging for crashing and bad writing, which is something I'm already threatening as it is.

So yes, I'll stick to Bar America, Texas T, and other VFW Halls across the city biding my time.

Feeling Cheated?

A lot of my energy has gone into organizing this event... the last second I secured a 10 year old Beatles cover band called The Weetles (who will play at around 1:45). And in the process got their father and his emo/indie rock band Worm to also play (at about 2:45/3:00.)

Blue Means Go will also perform a now rare acoustic show to close things out at 4pm.

Bike Swaps are so gone.

And so goes another week on the streets of San Antonio. As always, to be continued...


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