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On the Street (Warning: Not Sure Why These Entries Are Jambled and Unreadable)

"Summertime Blues"

Letters (to the On the Street Penthouse Suite)

#1 Arrivee

Asusual with OTS correspondence, things are either cryptically brief, orlong-winded pseudo-advertisements. This first letter was notthe latter.

Though one might think it would somewhere use the overused expression"fail", or worse "epic fail", we are spared.

#2 For Foto Lovers...

not sure how much you're into photography....interesting nonetheless..

Bigfoot in the Land of Peaches

SanAntonio has had its flirtation with sasquatch hunting before. Back inthe 1920s a rich San Antonio adventurer/anthropologist/cryptozoologistnamed Tom Slick Jr.,the founder of the local Southwest Research Institute, chased the Yetithrough the mountains as well as throwing his hat into the great LochNess Monster hunt. His story was about to be taken to worldrecognition with the consistently bad Nicholas Cage cast to portray Slick through excessive brow arching and other cheap tricks of the trade, but for some reason, the film never got made.

Given that, it's understandable that we in San Antonio are a little dubious when something like this makes the news...

"Twomen claim they've bagged Bigfoot, and they say they have the hairycorpse of the legendary creature stored away in a freezer.

MattWhitton and Rick Dyer say they stumbled across the corpse in the woodsof northern Georgia, across the country from the remote regions of theNorthwest where people usually claim to see the man-ape.

Still, the Georgia men say DNA from the creature could prove once and for all that the frozen creature is Sasquatch."

As this linkproves, these latest sasquatch hunters are motivated only by scientificinquiry, the search for world peace, and harmony between cultures. Making a quick buck, is the last thing on their mind.

Pineapple Express (Review in 68 Words)

Indieprince David Gordon Greene takes a break from his gritty fantasy landTerrence Malick cinema poems and returns to the roots of his suburbanNorth Dallas uprbringing with this 80s inspired krunk caper about twolosers who recite doggerel verse such as " I wanna build septic tanksfor children's playgrounds." An intense but cheap high. Good for short term memory only. Won't hold up on cable."

Vietnamese Vacuum

WhereasSan Antonio is now overflowing with Thai options, the Vietnamese issuebecomes more problematic each year. One would think San Antonio'smilitary roots would somehow bring an influx of success, and if needbe, repeat the white male/asian woman restaurant team that we see forThai and Korean cuisine in San Antonio at various locations. WithVietnamese, for whatever reason, the numbers just aren't there. There's no reason to think this model is the way to go, but I'msitting here trying to reverse engineer the model other asianrestaurants successfully employ.

Source: Jim U's Flickr Site

And most likely it has nothing to do with this or any other theory but what...

Sadly,Austin has us beat with Vietnamese options. They even have aninformal Little Saigon for a certain stretch of their northside.

I'mnot going to say I was in Austin last Saturday to investigate thisissue, but I will say I accomplished little else for the week for Onthe Street, and later in retrospect, realized the issue of the SanAntonio Vietnamese vacuum was the little I had to show.

Vietnameseon the westside of Austin is a shot across the bow. Whereasalmost all options had been in the dingy fluourescent soaked locationson the northside (places that Wong Kar Waimight have used as cheap backdrops to stand in for Hong Kong had hebeen afflicted with severe but imaginary budgetary and visa issues), aVietnamese option in Westlake seems like a sign of things to come.

PerhapsVietnamese cuisine this area will finally reach a slightly higherplateau. This is where Hai Ky on Bee Caves Road enters thepicture. Though later perusal on Chow showed uniformly negativereviews, for me, I still found their Bun (vermicelli bowl) to besuperior the the options I've tried in San Antonio, and in fact thoughtHa Ky to be on par with other Austin Vietnamese options.

At somepoint this all has to change. I'm sure at some point there couldbe options littered across 1604 (not that I'm suggesting that for alocation but resigning to the possible likelihood). Thehybridization we get here is the opposite of fusion. Instead ofinventing something new, we find places trying to cover all the basesas Vietnamese have to offer Thai, or a Thai place has to offer Chinese.

The story is still being written...

Bernie Mac Premonition

Itwasn't long ago that OTS jokingly referred to the Fannie Mac housingloan crisis by invoking Bernie Mac's good health as a sign that theapocalypse was in fact not coming. Now? Hard to say...

Source: Levi Yeomans's Flickr Site

Outof nowhere Bernie Mac passes away. It's difficult to pass thisoff as part of life's rich pageant. Only years from now will this allmake sense, and ideally, in that scenario, I'll be sitting on a remoteholding a large bag of money, somehow.

Andso goes another week on the streets of San Antonio (and Austin - getused to it; it's going to get worse before it gets better.) Asalways, to be continued...


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