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Letters (to the OntheStreet Penthouse Suite)

This version of OTS is somewhat of an experiment. New technologies have created new problems. The usual over-indulgence of images is kept in check this week while all the bugs are exterminated, hopefully.

#1 Big Soy Farewell/OrBlack Sabbatical

Hey peeps....Big Soywill be playing their last show at the end of the month and it would beawesome to have all of you there....Maybe they will reunitesomeday...who knows?

Big Soy at the LimelightFriday August 29th

show up around 10:00 PM

unsure of covercharge,but it will be resonable

Hope to see youthere!!!-Tiana

#2 Father and Daughter

Hi Y'all

Father and Daughter,Kiptopeke State Park, Virginia, 8.13.2008

can be seenat

The ships in thebackground are cement freight ships from WWII.

Trains, Model Ts, andPedicabs...

Gulliver's travel museum.

This is from the garden model train track at the Texas Transportation Museum. Giant Justin Parr looms in the background. If only there was miniature tagging on the train then the realism would well as mini-hobos and other atmospheric elements from a railyard.

But who needs real life when entering this sort of world? However, that font does look a little trippy...

More macro lens trickery, though I'm not sure anyone is really fooled.

The lighting and the colors on this wall were incredible. And to clarify, this is for adult sized trains.

As is this train. However, the larger the train, the more the adults act like kids. The small scale/large scale and child/adult dichotomy gets wonderfully confused at the museum. More on that in a bit.

I can't recall how long the train track extends, but they hope to expand the line to up to a mile, if I remember correctly.

The museum is on part of the unused land just north of the airport. In fact, nothing can really be built on the land because it acts as a buffer for the planes landing and taking off. If a plane crash landed onto the transportation museum property there would be all sorts of boundary dilemmas.

Almost all modes of transportation are referenced at the museum - including, now, walking. I'm not sure how I got stuck on foot. The brilliant Scot named Hugh drives the recently rebuilt Model TT. Justin and I exchange fotos.

Inside their warehouse this gentleman builds a model train track scene. Somehow, trains unite the very young and the very old, which is basically the same for the museum as a whole.

Outside this Indian pedi-cab was on display. It's a little worn but the overhead canopy seems to beat the crap out of our recent local versions. However, notice that gearing. Singlespeed. It's as if the luxury the passenger enjoys is offsetby the hard work of the cyclist.

Bring Back the Noise

Saturday night at the Limelight.

Back to museums for a moment - from a visit to the Magic Lantern Museum on Austin Highway (in the middle of the Austin Highway badlands,to be specific) I learned that the lime from limelight refers to calcium tungsten. Calcium being something found everywhere in San Antonio. It's that exciting.

Not the headliners, but it felt like it. Austin's Noise Revival Orchestra came to their "second home" for another show. It feels like the band has about 100 members but it's probably closer to...10?

On the left, the singer/songwriter/svengali sits on an amp and leads the band. There is an indie hootenanny vibe going on occasionally. And then there was a passing moment where I had thoughts of Jethro Tull, but luckily that feeling left quickly, and looking back, it could have been indigestion or something environmental. I'd hate to drop any sort J-T label on any band. Perhaps I thought I had heard a pan flute...

After the show it was meet and greet with the band. Here, keyboardist Steven Felix somehow wore my windbreaker. Luckily,there are no fotos of me wearing his vest.

The white Keenan's girlfriend also got in the act as she borrowed part of Steven Felix's wardrobe. A ninja joke or two may have been thrown around at this point.

Back inside, the Blowing Trees kept the energy going. In fact, things were even more lively. NRO were more contemplative, spiritual, and harmonious. The Blowing Trees were much more manic.

In checking the Limelight myspace page it looked as if Big Soy is scheduled to play a show in October. Interesting, interesting...

And so goes another week on the streets of San Antonio. As always, to be continued...

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