Our Top 10 Thanksgiving Movies (Plus Two You Probably Won't Like) 

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Thanksgiving can be some of the most intense family time you spend all year. When you can't agree on politics, religion, art, or whether it's called "stuffing" or "dressing," it may be time to turn on a movie and stop talking. Here are 12 great movies with a Thanksgiving setting, and the families in most of them are more screwed up than yours.
OF 12
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
“Those … aren’t … PILLOWS!”
Addams Family Values
Wednesday Addams burns it all down.
Garfield’s Thanksgiving
Screw turkey, let’s have lasagna.
Alice’s Restaurant
Does your family make a tradition of listening to the 18-minute-long 1967 folk song? Prolong the agony with this 111-minute movie made in 1969.
Hannah and Her Sisters
As we all know now, Woody Allen is the maestro of messed-up family stuff.
Funny People
At your dream Friendsgiving, a celebrity shows up and makes you all feel terrible.
The Ice Storm
… and after dinner, perhaps a key party?
Pieces of April
In what may be her last movie as a (Tom Cruise-) free woman, Katie Holmes learns you can’t cook a turkey without an oven.
Try not to punch the turkey.
She’s Gotta Have It
In Spike Lee’s first film/best film, Nola Darling does some recruiting over a very awkward Thanksgiving holiday.
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A full-length slasher movie set at Thanksgiving? Yes please.
Like Eli Roth’s trailer says, “White meat, dark meat … it all gets carved.”
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
“Those … aren’t … PILLOWS!”

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