Live Music

Overkill, Exhorder, Hydraform

When: Wed., March 4, 7 p.m. 2020

Although part of the same thrash metal wave that gave rise to Metallica and Slayer, New Jersey’s Overkill never reaped the same level of success. That’s for no fault of its musicianship or work ethic. Plenty of the albums it cranked out over a three-decade career are absolute scorchers, a few even undeniable genre classics. And while some of the band’s contemporaries have run out of steam (Metallica) or hung it up (Slayer), Overkill seems to be in the midst of a renaissance. Since signing with Nuclear Blast, the band’s unleashed a string of throttle-down releases, including 2010’s Ironbound and 2019’s Wings of War, that prove old dogs may not learn new tricks, but they can still bite.

Price: $25 (Sold Out)