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PAX East 2011: 3DS impressions/Super Street Fighter IV 3D


At PAX East this past weekend, it was the public's first chance to try out Nintendo's newest portable system, the 3DS.  On Saturday morning the expo floor was opened an hour early to the press and as soon it was, I made a beeline to one of the booths that had the 3DS on hand and demo out the game on hand. The booth I visited happened to be the Capcom booth and they were promoting the latest version of their popular series, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for the 3DS. First off I want to talk about the system its self first.



The 3DS is something both familiar and new at the same time. At first glance, you would think that it was just another DSi, but just a bit thicker. Upon closer inspection thought, there are many noticeable differences to the 3DS. One is the inclusion of a analog  nub right above the D-Pad. The next things that are different are the two screens, they are slightly larger than the DSi screens and seem a bit more brighter. Start, select and home button are located near the bottom of the touch screen, to avoid accidental pauses during gameplay. Two new features to the 3DS are of cousre the 3D slider and the wi-fi switch. The 3D slider is located on th right of the top half of the device was the 3D slider. What this does is control the amount of 3D effects you want to see during the game. The other new addition was a wi-fi switch located on the bottom half. This switches the wi-fi on and off and helps conserves battery life. While not a new feature, its more of a convince thing. That's as much as hardware goes. Now with any new system there needs to be games for it. One of the games that I got to demo out was also a launch tittle for the system as well, Super Street Fighter IV 3D

Super Street Fighter IV 3D


Now for those who are not familiar with the name,  Street Fighter is a series of games that span 20 years, with the current version being played, Super Street Fighter IV. Now the producer thought it would be a good idea for fans to able take SSFIV where ever they go and thus Super Street Fighter IV 3D was created. But does the portable version stack up to it's console cousins? And its it just another quick cash in port? Let's check it out.

On the surface it looks like SSFIV and plays like it as well. It's amazing that Capcom was able to get the full console experience on to the 3DS cart. All the modes are in there, including the bonus stages. What's different is that the dynamic background animation have been taken out, which is not that a major of a problem since there's so much going on during a match in the first place. There are a couple of new features added in to enhance the game found only on the 3DS.

One feature is the dynamic mode. Now what that does is it shift the camera over the fighter's shoulder and makes players feel they are that fighter. The second feature is the Pass Play. What this does is even if your 3DS isn't on and you pass by another person who has a copy of SSFIV 3D, a fight will occur between you and that other player automatically. The third new feature is the touch screen inputs. Sometimes its hard to pull off a hadouken or a shoryuken on the 3DS, especally if your hands are a bit bigger. Fear not, because the touch screen inputs are here to help. Now what they do is they activate thee moves you want to do with out the button inputs. Want to fire off a sonic boom, or maybe a tiger upper cut? It's easy with a touch of a button. Also its not limited to signutare moves but you can also map throws super combos and hyper combos on the touch screen. Now the most important feature is of course the 3D. Why have 3D game and not talk about the 3D right? Well it works. Nintendo had pulled it off and SSFIV is a great example of the 3D tech in action. You feel like your on the sidelines watching these warriors go at it. Pair it with dynamic mode and it brings you even closer to the action.


At a high price point of $250, the 3DS might turn off some people until a price drop happens, which probably won't happen till next year. I can fully expect for it to sell out fast at launch next Sunday and to be the most wanted game system when the holiday shopping season rolls around. The line up for the system may not be that exciting, but SSFIV 3D is worth a purchase when buying the system on launch day, so you better pre-order while you still can, cause these things will be gone in a flash.

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