People Who Are Only Famous in San Antonio 

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We know them from television — whether it's from aggressive lawyer commercials or from your daily broadcast. If you ever saw one of these people at H-E-B, you definitely made sure to tell your family you spied a semi-celebrity out in the wild. These are the people who are San Antonio famous.
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Steve Spriester
If KSAT is your go-to news station, then you likely think of Steve Spriester as a god. The news anchor has been reporting the happenings of the Alamo City and South Texas since 1995. SA is his home now, given that all of his daughters were born here. For his work at the station, he’s won lots of awards, so his celebrity status is well-deserved.
Photo via Instagram / steve_spriester
Bill Taylor
Love the weather? Love KENS 5? Then you likely love Bill Taylor? He’s part of the weekday newscasts all afternoon and evening, so he stays busy letting you know what the weather sitch is in the Alamo City. He’s been doing so since 1996, so you know he stays loyal to SA.
Photo via Instagram / billtaylorkens
Thomas J. Henry
With decades of experience practicing law, Thomas J. Henry has racked up quite a resume. But not all of it is related to his law career. While he’s done a bit of philanthropic work, he’s also gained some attention for his short-lived YouTube series covering his family’s crazy lives, which came after his daughter’s headline-worthy quinceñera. Still, his clout is largely in the Alamo City.
Photo via Instagram / thomasjudehenry
Randy Beamer
After his years at the desk at News 4 San Antonio, Randy Beamer has not only won Emmy awards for his work, but he’s also earned a spot in the hearts of a lot of locals. As part of the News 4 team, he’s gotten to report locally and beyond — as long as it always relates back to South Texas. PS— he was previously married to KSAT 12 anchor Ursula Pari.
Photo via Instagram / randybeamer
Isis Romero
If you tuned in to the nightly newscast on KSAT, you’re likely well-acquainted with Isis Romero. Although the station recently declined to renew her contract, she spent more than a decade with its news team and remains a familiar face to San Antonians. Romero isn't too far from home, as she was born and raised in Robstown.
Photo via Instagram / romero_isis
David Elder
Guy Fieri who?! SA has a foodie king of its own: David Elder. The host of Elder Eats is part of the KSAT 12 family, and has become a local influencer and gained a following from both foodies and not. We totally don’t blame you if you fangirl around this dude.
Photo via Instagram / davideldertv
Delaine Mathieu
A native of Corpus Christi, Delaine Matheiu is the chief lady in charge over at News 4 San Antonio. An Emmy award-winning journalist, she’s a co-anchor for the most popular evening newscasts on weeknights. But of course you already knew that, right?
Photo via Instagram / delainemathieu
Spurs Jesus
Though he made a fuss asking for attention from the San Antonio Spurs at the beginning of 2020, Spurs Jesus — his real name is Cordero Maldonado — remains a name only recognized in the Alamo City. What reportedly started out as a Halloween costume eventually turned into a local personality that morphed into a clout-seeking “celebrity” that has a not-so-clean record from his business ventures. But, at least you know his name, right?
Photo via Instagram / spursjesus
Maddie Skye
Madalyn Mendoza — known to most as her online name of Maddy Skye — is the unofficial face of The San Antonio native has a Twitter personality that’s earned her a following of locals who gas her up and flock to her defense when people are rude. What can we say? She’s a woman of the people!
Photo via Instagram / maddyskye10
Jeff Davis
“Jeff’s here 4 you!” Sound familiar? Yeah, because you’ve seen Jeff Davis’ loud commercial in which he reminds you that all you have to remember is “4.” Yup, (210) 444-4444 Jeff’s your guy if you’re looking for an accident or injury attorney.
Photo via YouTube / Davis Law Firm
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Paul Mireles
Care about hearing the weather report first thing in the morning? Paul Mireles over at KENS 5 is your guy. Since 2002, the Fort Worth native has let San Antonians know what’s up in the weather today, and locals have loved him for it.
Photo via Instagram / pmireless
Ursula Pari
Ursula Pari has spent decades reporting the news in SA from behind the desk at KSAT 12. A native of Louisiana, she can be seen during the noon and 5 p.m. airings on weekdays. Though she’s now married to her high school crush, she was (fun fact) previously married to Randy Beamer.
Photo courtesy of KSAT
Henry Cisneros
Beloved to San Antonians, particularly older generations, Henry Cisneros is a part of SA history forever. He served as mayor of the Alamo City from 1981 to 1989 — making him just the second Latino mayor of a major American city. Not only that, but he was also the city’s first Latino mayor since Juan Seguin in 1842. After serving SA, he also held a position as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton. Still, he definitely won’t get the same star treatment outside of SA.
Photo courtesy of Henry Cisneros
Joe Reinagel
The supreme sports boss at KENS 5 is none other than Joe Reinagel. He’s a South Texas boy at heart, born and raised in Alice before studying at Texas State. He stays busy with five daughters, but also since he’s been with the station since 1997. Reinagel may be the sports director now, but he started out learning from the beloved Dan Cook.
Photo via Instagram / joereinagel_kens5
Deborah Knapp
With decades of experience as a news anchor, KENS 5’s Deborah Knapp is an Emmy award-winning journalist and an inductee of the San Antonio Women’s Hall of Fame. She’s even set up a scholarship to help a local student pay for college and set up the KENS 5 Excel Award to recognize SA teachers. How cool is that?!
Photo via Instagram / deborahknapp
Tencha La Jefa
Tencha La Jefa is not obsessed with passing for female, fitting in or looking glamorous — she'd much rather make you laugh. She fell into the world of drag on a whim but quickly established a signature look all her own: a messy wig full of rollers, over-the-top eye makeup reminiscent of Divine and a snaggle-toothed grin that would send any dentist running for the hills. A proud Rey Lopez Entertainment Showgirl who emcees all the local LGBT nightlife kingpin's events at Heat Nightclub, La Jefa excels at audience interaction and exemplifies drag's unique ability to inspire folks to forget their cares for a moment and stop taking everything so seriously. That’s exactly why she’s a local treasure.
Photo via Instagram / tenchalajefa
Wayne Wright
You deserve respect and justice — and Wayne Wright demands it with his big ol’ cowboy hat in hand. The white-haired personal injury lawyer, complete with a full mustache, has been appearing on local television screens for what seems like eternity.
Photo via YouTube / Wayne Wright LLP
Don Harris
When it comes to sports, Don Harris is top dog at News 4 San Antonio. An award-winning weekday sports anchor and sports director, Harris has been with the station for more than 30 years, a tenure that allowed him to cover all five Spurs championships as well as some of the biggest sporting events across the country. Oh yeah, he’s a San Antonio boy at heart, given that he attended Churchill High School.
Photo via Instagram / randybeamer
Steve Browne
Though he has since retired, Steve Browne remains a favorite to lots of San Antonians. As KSAT 12’s chief meteorologist for more than 25 years, he is likely still considered a close friend who just happened to be on the news for lots of viewers. Don’t worry Adam Caskey, you’ll get there some day.
Photo via YouTube / KSAT 12
Jim Adler
With the nickname of “The Texas Hammer,” Jim Adler is the sort of guy you know by name. The personal injury attorney is headquartered in Houston, but he has offices all over Texas. Okay, he’s known outside of San Antonio too, but locals def respect his celeb status. And yes, he’s meaner than a junkyard dog!
Photo via YouTube / Jim Adler
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Rey Lopez
Known for his annual birthday celebrations and stream of shows starring RuPaul’s Drag Race stars, promoter Rey Lopez has been a mainstay since bringing Manila Luzon in to the Alamo City to perform at a straight nightclub in 2011. The rest, they say, is history, given that Rey Lopez Entertainment is booming with both local and national talent. He’s a star of his own, hanging with drag queens and all.
Photo via Instagram / reylopezentertainment
Nelson Wolff
Nelson Wolff is more than just a stadium off of Highway 90. The San Antonio celebrity has held positions locally as a city councilman and later mayor, as well as Bexar County judge. Outside of San Antonio, he served in the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate back in the ‘70s. What a guy!
Photo via Instagram / judgenelsonwolff
Greg Simmons
Like sports? So does Greg Simmons. As KSAT 12’s sports anchor, he’s spent a lot of time either on the news station’s set or following various sports beats, especially the Spurs. Seriously, he’s earned the celeb status SA gives him.
Photo via Twitter / GregSimmonsKSAT
Cleto Rodriguez
Born and raised in the Alamo City, Cleto Rodriguez has earned the title of SA’s “clean comedian.” He started doing stand-up in 1995, and has garnered some attention nationally. Still, he’s a SA celeb at the end of the day, given that he also contributes to FOX News First in the mornings.
Photo via Instagram / cletorodriguez
Leslie Mouton
With appearances on KSAT 12 @ Noon and the station’s Good Morning San Antonio, Leslie Mouton is familiar to a lot of Alamo City viewers. That may also be due to her being on air via KSAT since 1999. She’s earned Emmys for her newscasts, and was a guest on national shows for her on-air battle with breast cancer at the young age of 35. Though she previously worked in a number of markets, she considers San Antonio her permanent home. Aww!
Photo via Instagram / blondenewsie
Phil Hardberger
How do you know someone is famous in SA? A park is renamed in their honor. That’s what happened for Phil Hardberger. During his time as mayor of the Alamo City from 2005 to 2009 (a feat he accomplished without having experience in city council — and by defeating Julian Castro, his ultimate successor), Hardberger helped acquire Voelcker Park and start Haven for Hope to serve the city’s homeless population. After he left off, Voelcker was renamed after Hardberger.
Photo by Sanford Nowlin
Steve Spriester
If KSAT is your go-to news station, then you likely think of Steve Spriester as a god. The news anchor has been reporting the happenings of the Alamo City and South Texas since 1995. SA is his home now, given that all of his daughters were born here. For his work at the station, he’s won lots of awards, so his celebrity status is well-deserved.
Photo via Instagram / steve_spriester

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