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Phonolux seeking extras for video



The guys from Phonolux are some of the best songwriters, singers, and multi-instrumentalists in town. Their self-titled 2009 debut was one of that year’s best, and I’ve always wanted to catch them live. Due to one curse or another, I’ve never been able to do so. My next chance to see their show is 10 p.m. Friday, February 18, at Jack’s Bar (3030 Thousand Oaks).

Why am I announcing this show so far in advance? The first part of the question I’ve already answered: these guys can write and play everything. Literally. Buddy Calvo is the main singer and songwriter but also plays piano, guitar, bass, and drums; Art Guillermo Jr. plays bass and drums; Miguel Romero Jr. sings and plays guitar and piano, and Dave Novak also sings and plays drums, guitar, bass, and piano. I once described their music as a mix of the Beatles, Supertramp, and David Gilmour (my editor loooves it when I quote myself), and in concert they just take turns playing one instrument or another, as shown in their video of “Everything.” But they don’t do this just to show off.

“It is totally based on who wrote the song and what instrument he wrote the song on,” said Calvo. “And then we all gravitate to whichever instrument we think we can be most effective on.”

But there is another reason for plugging a show more than a month ahead of time: it’s a perfect segue to announce that the guys are casting for their next video, “The Boys She Escapes.” They’re specifically looking for “one featured extra and 50 featured extras.” The “one” extra has to be a 20-30 year-old brunette/blonde/redhead female who is “thin and athletic.” In other words: You better be a babe. The other 50 can be ugly and from Mars, for all they care, but make sure you’re 15-35 and wear bright colors. The shooting is this weekend in San Antonio, and the extras are needed for a performance being shot on Sunday, January 30.

There’s no money involved, but it sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s for a good cause, er, track. The video will premiere on Monday, February 14 at, and will also be shown at the February 18 concert (it will be silent with the band playing over it live).

If you’re interested, send your submission to

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