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Scott Martin

Developing a recognizable aesthetic can be one of the biggest challenges for an artist, but celebrated local photographer Scott Martin has done so with flying colors. Although he also shoots people, interiors and abandoned buildings, Martin is arguably best known for his distinctive night photography. Created via high-resolution digital equipment, light painting techniques and hours-long exposures, these images turn already dramatic landscapes into something verging on the otherworldly. From stars visibly moving though the sky to perplexing shadows, nighttime through Martin's lens maintains a cinematic, supernatural quality. A 2013 recipient of the Artist Foundation of San Antonio's Department of Culture and Creative Development Award for Media Arts, Martin stood out among the highlights of last year's Fotoseptiembre favorite "Altering Space." Beyond the gallery walls, readers may have seen Martin's project Day & Night — a time-lapse video shot in the high desert — on display at Tacos and Tequila. In addition to personal endeavors, Martin has been teaching photography workshops for two decades. Covering everything from full moon night photography to working with Adobe Lightroom, these creative sessions take shape throughout Texas as well as iconic landscape destinations such as Moab, Utah and Death Valley, California.


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