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1. Barbaro
2720 McCullough Ave.
(210) 320-2261

Discerning readers should have discerning tastes in mates (or at least casual dates ... let's have some standards, people!). That's why a date to Barbaro, where we've witnessed many a romantic-awkward-sexy evening, is in order. For starters, what sort of beer does your date order? Are they adventurous eaters or do they reach for the straitlaced pepperoni and cheese? Does your would-be beau know what kale is? You'll find out quickly whether he/she is the one or the one-you'll-shake-hands-with-awkwardly after you split the check. And it's accessible on several levels — sit at a booth for a mid-day $10 getting-to-know-you lunch, grab a table for two and split a sweet skillet pancake during brunch, share a pizza at dinner or get cozy over dark cocktails inside this neighborhood eatery that packs in the sultry lighting and courage-giving cocktails be it day or night. Our honorable mentions run the gamut for first-date options. Stick with the tried-and-true coffee shop option and head to the twee CommonWealth, where you and your courter can split a croissant. If you've been swiping left and right to score a date, reach for tasty cocktails at Stay Golden and gain liquid courage with a house-made "Fireball" shot. Remember, chemistry's not always guaranteed.

Honorable Mentions:

CommonWealth Coffee
118 Davis Court
(210) 560-2955

Stay Golden Social House
401 Pearl Pkwy

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