Live Music


When: Thu., March 30, 6 p.m. 2017

Polyphia sounds like the song playing in the background during the flying level in every video game ever. Distorted, poppy, jazzy, metal guitar riffs accompany technical drumming to produce a sound that is half hilarious, half awe-inspiring and 100 percent goofy. Still considered part of the “djent” movement, even though the band isn’t quite as heavy as groups like Periphery or Born Of Osiris, Polyphia explore the outlier realms of jazz and metal for a unique brand of technical prog-rock that’s been fascinating listeners since 2010. Consisting of three 23 year olds, on tour with a new single entitled "LIT," this young Dallas trio are proving that prog-rock isn’t necessarily for dads in Rush T-shirts anymore. On tour with Jason Richardson from Chelsea Grin, who also happened to shred a ridiculously technical guitar solo on the track "Aviator," Periphery is definitely a band worth watching in the years to come.

Price: $13