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In addition to “Nostalgia, Texas” (a permanent art installation at the San Antonio International Airport that lovingly pokes fun at SA by advertising it as a “winter wonderland” that’s “now open year-round!”), Gary Sweeney has public art installations in Denver, Colo., Charlotte, N.C., Memphis, Tenn., and Los Angeles, Calif. In his spare time, Sweeney, who’s worked as a baggage handler for Continental Airlines for the past 30 years, mails cleverly altered and collaged postcards (20,000 to date) to friends who share his wicked sense of humor. Among the lucky recipients was Dottie Cramer, who preserved 600 of Sweeney’s postcards before she passed away in 2009. On one such card, Frida Kahlo asks in a voice bubble, “Has anybody seen my tweezers?” On another, a woman trimming the edge off a pie crust says to a young girl, “Well yes, dear, I guess it is a little like circumcision!” These are but two examples of the wit and wisdom offered in Post-Obsessive, a limited-edition, signed-and-numbered book published by Sweeney. One hundred were printed, and the last time we checked only 30 were left. Post-Obsessive sells for $100, ships for another $6, and can be ordered directly from the artist by emailing