Public Place To Get High


1. San Antonio River

We imagine the River Walk took the THC honor for its reaches into the South Side and around the Pearl. North of the city, try burning one in that fake-looking cave, or geeking out at Donald Lipski's school of fish art installation hanging from the overpass. And, if the munchies become uncontrollable, feel free to bail and indulge in the Pearl's fine dining options. On the South Side of the River Walk, it's a more natural experience, with more vegetation and space to stretch. Bonus points for lighting up in the downtown tourist zone!

2. Japanese Tea Garden
3875 N. St. Mary's St. (210) 207-3050

3. TIE: Hays Street Bridge
803 N. Cherry St.
210) 207-0970

3. TIE: Overtime Theater
1203 Camden St.
>(210) 557-7

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