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Queensrÿche feat. Todd La Torre: 'Queensrÿche'



If you liked the ridiculous infighting that resulted in two touring versions of Black Flag, you’ll love the new Queensrÿche! Ex-singer Geoff Tate’s dithering cost him everything but the umlaut, and that’s too bad, because the rest of the band (which replaced Tate with Crimson Glory frontman Todd La Torre) sounds rejuvenated and downright electrifying compared to Tate’s recent flabby output. Tracks like “Redemption,” “In the Light,” and the pulverizing “Spore” are enough to make listeners longing for the band’s golden age ask “Geoff who?” Awkward legally mandated name aside, this is the heaviest and most listenable Queensrÿche has sounded in 20 years.