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SA punk pioneer Jeff Smith on the sober life


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In the bad ol' days, the frontman for the Hickoids knew how to kick 'em back. He used to drink stuff that wasn't even invented yet. But he's been sober for more than nine years now, and besides his singing duties he's also one of the most active — and professional — music promoters in town. The best part is that the clean lifestyle hasn't killed his sense of humor. Smith agreed to take a few minutes away from prepping Hairy Chafin' Ape Suit, the new Hickoids album scheduled for a 2012 release, to provide a glimpse of his life on the other side.

What's the best drink you ever had at a movie or concert? They don't have it at the concession stand. I'm gonna go up the street and see if they have it there.

Best and worst drinking games. Real alcoholics don't play drinking games. They play games so they can keep drinking.
Best drinking song? "Hangover Tavern," from Hank Thompson's A Six Pack To Go.

Best drinking movie. Anti: The Lost Weekend. Pro: Barfly.

"Alcohol is good for creativity." True or false? True. It forces one to hone his or her skills as a prevaricator.

How can you be around bars and drinkers after all you've been through? Just because a man builds a cabin and decides to live in it doesn't mean he never wants to go outside and look at the wildlife.

Best alcohol alternatives. Sex. Sex.

Best case for sobriety. If you drink like I did, breathing.

If you could re-write an alcohol-related song, which one would you choose? George Jones' "If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me." I'd change the chorus to "If drinkin' don't kill me, kill me."