"Sacred Waters"

When: Tuesdays-Sundays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Continues through June 19 2016

Roberto Gonzalez's solo show "Sacred Waters" features 44 brilliantly colored large-scale paintings that treat pre-Columbian imagery as experienced through dreams and visions. Gonzalez laments the loss and destruction of pre-Columbian cultures and his art is a therapeutic practice intended to heal these ancient wounds. The exhibition is divided into five groupings with symbolically colored walls. Sacred Waters (blue) treats water as the source of life and features stylized depictions of Mexican water gods. Duality (red) deals with the pairs of opposing forces that are at the heart of pre-Columbian religions. Mexican masks that feature a face that is half skull and half living flesh provided the inspiration for this series. Temazcal (brown) means healing bath house, and in Gonzalez’s paintings the Temazcal serves as a metaphor for self-healing. It is also a form of communion with the ancients that provides a connection to family and to the local community in the present. Dreamstacks (gold) are black and white paintings done without prior sketching that attempt to capture unconscious dreams and visions in a direct and immediate manner. Preludes (white) are individual works that were usually done soon after waking and do not possess consistent content.

Price: Free