San Antonio Herb Society

This may sound hard to believe, but the San Antonio Herb Society isn’t just a group of octogenarians trading sprigs of rosemary and whining about aphids. Although you will encounter a fair number of adorable, green-thumbed grannies at SAHS’s monthly meetings (held the second Thursday of the month at 7pm), you’ll also see younger, bookish gardeners learning from informative presentations and swapping horticultural tips. The “share table” is often scattered with unusual cuttings that can be taken home and cultivated (if you know what you’re doing). Past meetings have shed light on the role herbs play in haute cuisine (courtesy of chef Bruce Auden), and the healing power of herbs (led by Dr. Elizabeth De La Portilla, author of They All Want Magic, and Jacinto Madrigal, an herbalist and practicing curandero. If you’re interested in joining, yearly dues are $20, but you can attend a meeting for free as long as you sign in. Meetings take place in the San Antonio Garden Center (next door to the San Antonio Botanical Garden). visit for more info.