San Antonio YouTubers You Should Definitely Know By Now 

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It's no surprise that the Alamo City is filled to the gills with artists, musicians, and even famous people that you might not have known were from San Antonio. As such, it's worth supporting your local creators, so we've compiled a list of local YouTubers (both who live here or have since moved away from the Alamo City) who run their own channels and create a variety of content to entertain their audiences. Each creator brings something to this list – and there's something exciting for everyone to watch.
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Heidi Somers aka Buffbunny
Buffbunny’s channel is a mostly a mixture of fitness-related content, life tips, workouts, and Q&As. From telling the story of her weight loss journey to sharing intimate details of her life through Q&As, Heidi Somers lays it all out on the table as a fun and relatable vlogger.
Photo via Instagram / buffbunny
Tim Sanchez-Vega aka TimTheActor/LegitVlogs
If you’re looking for legitimate shenanigans and a lot about shoes, this channel might just be what you’re looking for. From trying out various challenges to much content about famous shoes like Nikes and Yeezys, Tim is an adventure worth watching.
Photo via Instagram / thelegittim
Demolition Ranch
If you like guns, this is your place. Centered out of Boerne, which is basically in SA's backyard, Demolition Ranch is your host for watching guys shoot things. With videos such as “How To Bulletproof a Car on a Budget” and “How Many Toilet Seats Does It Take To Stop a 50cal?!?!?”, you might find yourself with answers to questions that you hadn’t asked yet, and that you had a hell of a time watching.
Photo via Instagram / demolitionranchh
Jorge Aguilar II aka {CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture
A San Antonian-turned-Los Angelian, ChaoticCanineCulture’s channel is mostly about the music he writes and instrumentalizes, with a few on-camera vlogs thrown in occasionally. Many of the songs are original content inspired by video games like Undertale and Five Nights at Freddy’s.
Photo via Instagram / chaoticcanineculture
Marnie Goldberg aka MsGoldGirl
What may seem like a model YouTube channel for all things beauty, including makeup, skincare, hair care, and outfits of the day, is in reality much more. Marnie Goldberg’s channel also includes tutorials and how-tos, as well as what Marnie calls “a lot of unsolicited advice.”
Photo via Instagram / Marnie Goldberg
The Reynolds Family aka Happyfamily1004
With 800k+ subscribers, Happyfamily1004 is one of the biggest on our list. Having fun as a family, they post about everything related to toy guns, whether Nerf or Airsoft. They also post skits where they battle with them as a family. What could be more fun?
Photo via Instagram / happyfamily1004_ig
Aaron Sanchez aka Full Nelson Eats A Lot
If you couldn’t tell by the title of the channel, there’s a lot of eating. While most of the content on Aaron Sanchez’s channel is reviewing new menu items at fast food chains, there is always good-hearted commentary and jokes thrown in. We’re not kidding when we say that this channel will make you hungry.
Photo via Instagram / fullnelsoneats
Taylor Nicole Dean
Taylor Nicole Dean’s channel is all about pet-related content. While her videos are mostly related to exotic pet care, there are plenty of memes contained in her videos to make the informational content fun to watch, along with her commentary. If you wonder how much she loves animals, she even has a tattoo in honor of Steve Irwin.
Photo via Instagram / taylorndean
Darlene Marie
Darlene Marie is a vlogger here in the Alamo City, and she’s proud of it. Some of her videos include mukbangs of Tex-Mex food, while others are about Fiesta, and others still are crime mysteries. She also brings makeup looks and beauty tips to the table.
Photo via Instagram / xodarlenemariee
JC Caylen
As a San Antonian-turned-Los Angelian, we won’t blame JC Caylen for leaving the Alamo City to continue his YouTube career. With video titles such as “why things didn’t work out for us...” and “TEACHING MY DAD HOW TO PLAY FORTNITE,” it really is no wonder why this channel has almost 3 million subs.
Photo via Instagram / jccaylen
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Julian Escobedo aka JulesTheHuman
Hosting a variety of content such as influencer-related how-tos, various tags, story times, movie reviews, and memes of the month, Julian Escobedo is a person of many interests. Did you know he can also play the trombone?
Photo via Instagram / julesthehuman
Stuart Bankey aka Wine on the Dime
Wine on the Dime, what some might call “infotainment,” is a channel dedicated to providing you with reviews for wines under $15. While some are commercially available, the host also tries spirits from local Texas wineries in places like Fredericksburg and other towns in the Hill Country.
Photo via Instagram / wineonthedime
Bree Hill
Bookworms rejoice! Add Bree Hill to the list of commentators that you watch. This BookTuber reads on a variety of different subjects, but a genre that she lists often are romance books. Also, her channel began two years ago, but she has been posting videos like crazy since the last part of 2018. Check her out!
Photo via Instagram / falling4romance
Reed Deming
Though Reed Deming’s channel isn’t so much about vlogs or videos, it houses all of his original music as well as his covers of already-famous songs, and music videos of both. Oh yeah, you may recognize him from his appearance on The X Factor as well.
Photo via Instagram / reddemming
Brittany Daniel
Brittany Daniel is a vlogger who’s channel is all about “how to help adults live their best lives.” With videos like “How to Change Your Life in 2019,” along with relatable vlogs, how-tos, and home and health hauls, Brittany’s channel truly is about tips for making life better.
Photo via Instagram / brittanythehost
Nadine Moniett
Nadine Moniett is a smaller channel, but even still, she should be on your radar. Originally from the Valley, she moved to San Antonio and now attends UTSA. Don’t let that fool you – Nadine’s channel is about beauty, student vlogs, and try-on hauls.
Photo via Instagram / nadeanmoniett
Jim Moreno aka JimkobeAdventures
JimekobeAdventures basically films his adventures in Texas. Some of his videos include him fishing in the Guadalupe River and his first time visiting Houston. He even has a video of exploring the River Walk.
Photo via Instagram / jimkobe24
Drake and Ryan aka Arcade Wreckage
Though this channel has historically been about this group of friends’ arcade adventures, where they even try Diversions Game Room right here in town, they recently released a video to let their audience know that more was to come for the channel. They promised to keep the arcade content, but to add other fun videos to the channel as well. We can’t wait to see what they’ll bring!
Photo via Instagram / arcadewreckage
Austin Mahone
This is the official YouTube channel of Austin Mahone. Though he’s a pretty famous musician now, he made his debut covering popular songs on YouTube. That still counts, right?
Photo via Instagram / austinmahone
Bunny Meyer aka grav3yardgirl
Though she might not *exactly* be local, you can’t claim to know local YouTubers if you’ve never heard of grav3yardgirl. Out of Pearland, Texas, which is just south of Houston, Bunny releases different series, such as Tea Vlogs, where she discusses anything and everything, and “Does This Thing Really Work?”, where she tests out goofy and As Seen On TV products. There are even some spooky stories in between.
Photo via Instagram / grav3yardgirl
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Heidi Somers aka Buffbunny
Buffbunny’s channel is a mostly a mixture of fitness-related content, life tips, workouts, and Q&As. From telling the story of her weight loss journey to sharing intimate details of her life through Q&As, Heidi Somers lays it all out on the table as a fun and relatable vlogger.
Photo via Instagram / buffbunny

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