Live Music

Shana Falana

When: Fri., Nov. 17, 10 p.m. 2017

Matching spacey psychedelic over-tones with enough poppiness to be palatable to a broader audience, NYC’s Shana Falana manage to venture into the psych-pop realm without sounding like the million other bands in the genre (it’s not a dig, it’s a compliment, calm down). For instance on “Go,” from the two-pieces’ 2015 album Set Your Lightning Fire Free, the track starts off sounding strikingly similar to The Beatles’ trippy AF track “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and pulls listeners through the swirling corridors of pulsing psychedelia without like, completely losing yourself like the one time you took too many mushrooms. They’re great, as per the majority of touring acts brought here by the folks at K23.

Price: Free