Sick times, bad cops and viral weirdos: The year's 20 most-read San Antonio Current news stories 

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From a global health crisis and a shitshow of an election to lying politicians and cops behaving badly, there was no shortage of news this year vying for San Antonians' attention.

Sometimes, Current readers gravitated toward important stuff like updates on the unfolding coronavirus pandemic. Other times, they took refuge in silly, I-can't-believe-I'm-seeing-this-shit viral posts. This list of our most-read online news stories spans both ends of the spectrum.

If you're not done reliving the bizarro year that was 2020, get ready to scroll through this yearend countdown and see the news your fellow readers just couldn't do without.   
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20. In the midst of mask shortages for medical employees in April, a local nurse's invention was found to potentially be more effective than the widely used N-95 mask. Read more here.
19. San Antonio health officials announced in late March that two of its previously reported COVID-19 cases were transmitted through community contact, bringing the total number of community spread infections to eight. Read more here.
18. Dramatic bystander video shows a 90-year-woman appearing to break up a tense standoff between Midland police who drew weapons on her grandson following a traffic violation. Read more here.
17. In January, the brother of San Antonio megachurch pastor John Hagee was arrested and charged with indecency with a child by contact and continuous sexual abuse of a child. Read more here.
16. To continue to provide care for its animals during the pandemic shutdown, the Zoo Crew got creative with fundraising at Easter. Read more here.
15. In mid-March, Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath told superintendents and lawmakers to be prepared for school district closures to potentially run through the end of the school year. Read more here.
14. A local Twitter user asked the city to help identify a man seen hitting a woman while driving. Read more here.
13. Federal regulators financially penalized five Alamo City hospitals for what the government considered unacceptable levels of complications, including blood clots, infections and fall-related injuries. Read more here.
12. In mid-March, San Antonio public health officials confirmed that they had recorded six cases of COVID-19 transmitted by community spread. Read more here.
11. Several prominent Lone Star State Republicans joined in a call organized by the Texas Democratic Party to ask GOP voters to put country ahead of party and vote out President Donald Trump. Read more here.
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10. In late March, San Antonio and Bexar County officials hashed out details of an order that would require residents to stay home to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Read more here.
9. On Monday, March 23, San Antonio and Bexar County officials ordered residents to shelter in place for nearly three weeks to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.
8. A San Antonio Police detective was suspended for 30 days over a social media post in which he asked when athlete and racial justice advocate Colin Kaepernick could be killed. Read more here.
7. Days after enacting a plan to re-open Texas' nonessential businesses on May 1, a leaked recording appeared to reveal Gov. Greg Abbott acknowledging the order would lead to more COVID-19 infections. Read more here.
6. Clearly, San Antonio readers had a thirst for information on the enigmatic coronavirus during the early days of the pandemic. Read more here.
5. The controversial chairwoman and a handful of faithful gathered in front of City Hall to decry local leaders' dangerous, liberty-crushing suggestion that folks might want to protect themselves with masks during a deadly pandemic. Read more here.
4. In a now-deleted Facebook post, the local GOP leader theorized that the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody might be a "staged event" meant to undermine President Donald Trump's chances with black voters. Read more here.
3. A San Antonio bike cop canned over 2016 allegations that he tried to give a homeless man a sandwich filled with dog feces won an appeal of his dismissal. Read more here.
2. This summer, a gal in pink velour sweats stole our hearts with a hilarious video on TikTok, which set Twitter alight after getting shared by famous fashion blogger Bryanboy. Read more here.
1. A San Antonio convenience store clerk received online accolades for her two-fisted response to a problem customer. Read more here.
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20. In the midst of mask shortages for medical employees in April, a local nurse's invention was found to potentially be more effective than the widely used N-95 mask. Read more here.

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