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“Sloppy Cats” — Cros and Seven-One


“I say I’ll never drink again almost every morning, but that’s a resolution that I keep ignoring,” Cros admits in “Sloppy Cats,” a catchy hip-hop track that fluctuates between a Ridgemont High-referencing bender ode (“I party like Spicoli, totally gnarly”) and a straight-up AA testimonial with a laptop-produced backing beat. Proclaiming love for intoxicants ranging from macho South Texas specials like Cuervo and Lone Star (the latter in the can, of course) to the frilly peach bellinis and purple passions most rappers wouldn’t even admit to knowing the names of, “Sloppy Cats” suggests the only things that don’t mix with alcohol are driving and self-pity: “We don’t want to see crying here, we’re trying to get high in here, and you’re killing all our buzzes with your sad ass lying there.”

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