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If you get stuck with an aspiring screenwriter in your office’s Secret Santa drawing this year, you might consider registering that poor bastard for Kat Candler’s Script to Screen class (, which is signing up students now and will begin meeting in Austin next year. Candler (jumping off bridges) will instruct students on turning that unfinished treatment into an honest-to-god, festival-ready short film.

You might consider it, anyway, if the class’s $600 price tag weren’t well outside of the usual limits set for office holiday parties. If you can drop that kind of cash, consider instead giving the screenwriters (or screens patrol writers) you know a reassuring hug and an envelope full of cash in small bills. All that gin and Prozac ain’t free, folks.

For a recession-friendly alternative, sign him or her up for the San Antonio Screenwriters Meetup (, a free-to-join group that meets locally to discuss all the frustrating minutia of an attempted screenplay. The next meeting is 7 p.m. Thursday, November 20, at La Taza.

Better yet, make that lazy jag-off sign up for him- or herself, take some initiative in their own lives instead of relying on you all the time. You aren’t fucking Santa Claus, you know.