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While we’re bitching and shivering at our late-December dip into mid-40s temps, it’s fun to remember that the folks up north are currently drooling over our five-day forecasts, fantasizing about strangling us with their tire chains. But if your hot-blooded South Texas ass has been bundled up indoors ever since the pools closed in late November, good news: First-run indie films are now screening on the web.

Along with the typical blogging and film trailers, local production company Machina Cinema ( has posted its entire 48-minute short “Jacob” (check out “Say-Town Slugger,” September 3, 2008 for our take) on its website.

And national distribution company Gigantic ( has posted two recent releases (The Doorman and Year of the Fish) on its site. For fairly obvious reasons, you can’t download the film to your hard drive, but $2.99 gets you three days of unlimited streaming. Samples viewed on a broadband connection were decent quality with slightly pixilated edges in full-screen mode, but it’s a promising innovation for us indie fans living in a third-tier film market. The site also offers a few free-to-watch flicks, and invites filmmakers to submit their own works to be streamed from the site.