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The deadline for the Austin Film Festival ( is fast approaching, but who gives a rat’s ass? Frankly, SA’s Mini Mehas gotten way too much coverage in this week’s issue already, thanks to that fortnight-long industry wank-fest that’s fast approaching. So let’s focus instead on the vastly more Alamo-intensive 15th-annual San Antonio Film Festival (, which is also accepting short and feature-length entries from now until May 1. The entry fee is $40, and the festival is scheduled to run from June 25-28 at the Instituto Cultural de México.

If you’re less interested in making your own films than, say, watching obscure movies projected in back of a restaurant, then head to La Tuna (100 Probandt) Tuesday, March 17 for a free screening of John Sayles’ Brother From Another Planet (reviewed in the November 26 edition of Cinema Obscura) hosted by Slab Cinema (

But if your heart’s set on that whole Essex es Dubya thing up in A-(hole) Town, film passes (which get you into movies but not the panels) are available at SA’s own Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes ( for $70.