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Sound and the fury


A week on the scene

Crush groove

As our wounded nation slowly recovers from the Ashlee Simpson SNL debacle, San Antonio can find consolation in the form of local rockers Electric Crush, who will premiere the debut video from their forthcoming album on Friday, October 29 at White Rabbit. The group shot the clip, for the song "Taking Away," in Los Angeles, and it will introduce their full-length release on Crop Circle Records, due in February, 2005. In addition to the video presentation, the band will headline at White Rabbit, supported by Super Green, Kya, and Worlds of If.

Walking the plank

Our friends at Taco Land are doing Halloween up right with a visit from the Swishbucklers, one of the Bayou Country's foremost pirate-rock bands (admittedly, a narrow niche). Known for plundering and dismembering the likes of Huey Smith's "Sea Cruise" and Mountain's "Mississippi Queen," the Swishbucklers will set the tone for an evening of costumed debauchery that also includes local favorites Texacala Jones & Her T.J. Hookers, Snowbird (the renamed River City Playboys), and Austin band New Moon. The show is scheduled for Sunday, October 31.

Compile by Gilbert Garcia