Spurs Player


1. Tim Duncan

Duh! Even as we enter the age of Kawhi, you're a fool not to imagine Tim Duncan as the best Spur of all time (our apologizes to the amphetamine-eyed coyote mascot). Five rings, 15 All-Star appearances, an impossible-to-shake-demeanor, a fucking tattoo of Merlin! Yes, the wizard of Arthurian lore, Merlin! Somehow, Tim Duncan is able to make nerdy and collectedness the epitome of cool, even in the era of NBA fashion-consciousness and flashy hoop. So as the tawdry players' knees grind into nothingness, we can count on Tim Duncan putting in game-after-game of fundamental D, off the glass beauties and crisp outlet passes. At least until Duncan sits us down one summer day over a game of Dungeons and Dragons and gives us the dreaded talk about the R-word.

2. Spurs Coyote

3. Gregg Popovich

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