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Taste this: Deviled Eggs at The Esquire Tavern


After a late Saturday night celebrating “Exotic Easter” with 500 other like-minded misfits, I woke up craving eggs. And since none had been hidden in my backyard during the wee hours, I decided to nurse my hangover at the dark and handsome Esquire Tavern. The deviled eggs ($5) are stuffed with a decadent filling (hard-boiled egg yolks, house-made aioli, whipped cream, a dash of Tabasco, and ground pink peppercorns), and nestled on a bed of arugula micro-greens. But what zaps them into the whimsical realm of Dr. Seuss are pickled pink peppercorns placed atop each satisfying mouthful. You could bite one in half, but why?

The Esquire Tavern

155 E Commerce

(210) 222-2521