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Taste this: Fish Seviche at Sandbar



Not too terribly long ago, the concept of eating ceviche (which can also be spelled cebiche or seviche) at the Pearl Brewery would’ve sounded far-fetched. But with the addition of La Gloria and Sandbar, ceviche options at Pearl are plentiful, and some are even hearty enough for a light meal. Possibly the best example of this is Sandbar’s incredibly fresh and simply named “Fish Seviche” ($9). Served with airy slices of white toast and a few crispy tostones (fried plantains), the tangy mixture of thick-cut cubes of salmon, tuna, and (if you’re lucky) striped bass is “cooked” in citrus juice and blended with cilantro, avocado, onion, and delicately sweet “cilantro water.” Tip: If you eat it with the provided chopsticks, it doesn’t disappear quite as quickly.

The Sandbar Fish House & Market

200 E Grayson

(210) 212-2221