Tell me you're from San Antonio without telling me you're from San Antonio 

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There's no shortage of ways to tell if someone hails from San Antonio. Eating tacos for breakfast, for example, or breaking into the chicken dance at weddings. These identifiers are just a few of the unspoken ways to tell if someone is a true San Antonian.
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“Flour or corn” may be the most important question you answer on any given morning.
Photo via Instagram / jesselizarraras
You have collected every Selena shopping bag H-E-B has ever released.
Photo via Twitter / Adriana_Acosta
You can't eat barbacoa at any establishment that doesn't also offer Big Red.
Photo via Instagram / alanisgood
The only thing that allowed you to shake your grudge against Charles Barkley was realizing that you hate Kawhi Leonard even more.
Photo via Twitter / BrianRayy_
You long ago stopped wondering, "Were those fireworks or gunshots?"
Photo via Twitter / PuroSanAntonio
You’re willing to eat street food at Fiesta with your hands moments after using one of the porta johns.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
Friends have explained that the Ghost Tracks aren’t supernatural, but you refuse to believe them.
Photo via Google Maps
You have fallen asleep on the couch only to be awakened by an Americus Diamond commercial.
Photo via Twitter / dylangonzalez21
You’ve tubed down the river with an ice chest full of beer.
Photo via Instagram / andrewfisher7
You’re psychologically scarred by la chancla.
Photo via Twitter / BeiingColombian
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You can recite the entire script from the Selena movie word for word.
Photo via Warner Home Video
You sing along to “Hey, Baby, Que Paso?” anytime it comes on the jukebox.
Photo via Twitter / Blue_Bridge_Rob
You understand that if you’re eating Mexican food outside of Loop 410, you may as well be eating it in Austin.
Photo via Instagram / worldheritagesanantonio
You know what a Marbach mop is.
Photo via Twitter / lilnee789
You make snap judgments about people based on where they went to high school.
And, let’s face it, at least 60% of the time they turn out to be correct.
Photo courtesy of Northeast Independent School District
You’ve driven home from a New Year’s Eve party and had difficult seeing through all the fireworks smoke drifting over the road.
Photo via Twitter / Joeycules
You refer to places as being either inside or outside “the Loop.”
Photo via Instagram / jesse0188
You have been personally insulted by Tommy Lee Jones after daring to speak to him in a public place.
Photo via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Pickles and gummy worms seem like perfectly normal toppings for your shaved ice.
Photo via Instagram / hellomynameis_hersch
You’re torn whether to go through the Taco Cabana or the Whataburger drive-thru after a night of drinking.
Photo via Instagram / munchinwithmuti
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You remember when there was only one “straight night” at the Bonham Exchange.
Photo by Julian Ledezma
You’ve seen one of more of the following bands at least five times: Triumph, Judas Priest, Rush, Saxon or Legs Diamond.
Photo by Jaime Monzon
You were shocked to learn other cities don’t have puffy tacos.
Photo via Instagram / dalian151
You say “puro pinche” on a daily basis, and it doesn’t matter who’s in earshot either.
Photo via Twitter / groovykvt
You get nostalgic when you think about the Butter Krust sign on San Pedro Avenue with the moving bread slices.
Photo via Instagram / barbacoapparel
You call in to work if a single snowflake settles on your front yard.
Photo via Instagram / fr8ers68
You consumed way too much sausage at Wurstfest and had your designated driver pull off I-35 so you could puke.
Photo via Instagram / wurstfest
Yelling “show us your shoes” at girls and women in fancy dresses
Photo by Samantha Serna
You’ve had a Donkey Lady sighting.
Photo by Justin Moore
You think Flaco Jiménez is destined for sainthood.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons / Steve Terrell
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You have bought a pinata, fresh produce or cascarones from the side of the road.
Photo via Instagram / moderntejana
You camped out at a local park to reserve a spot for Easter weekend.
File photo
You have fond childhood memories of Playland Park and the Brackenridge Park mini-train.
Photo via UTSA Libraries Digital Collections
You can’t eat fruit without sprinkling it with Lucas first.
Photo via Instagram / rich.kndelilah
You shop at Penner’s. Sure, you can buy guayaberas and Stacy Adams other places, but who’d want to pass up the experience?
Photo via Instagram / pennersinc
You’re not really into yacht rock, but you still own a Christopher Cross album.
Photo via Warner Bros. Recording Studios
The click of your tongue followed by “ahhh!” is part of your daily vocabulary.
Ya tu sabes.
Photo via Sony Pictures Releasing
You drive downtown to honk your horn when Los Spurs win the championship.
Photo via Pinterest / Ruthann Hildebrand
You understand tacos are superior to burritos and will straight-up fight people who disagree.
Photo via Instagram / ritsontherun
You spend your birthday with a string of money pinned to your shirt.
Photo via Instagram / donfather_24fit
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You’re willing to stand in line for hours to score some free swag.
Photo by Drew Patterson / Neptune9 Photography
You remember when First Friday was actually about looking at art.
Photo via Instagram / bluestarartscomplex
You own a Stetson from Paris Hatters.
Photo via Instagram / /parishatters
You know who the hell Vicki Carr is.
Photo via Wikimedia Commons / Rob Mieremet / Anefo
It's not a real holiday dinner without tamales.
Photo via Instagram / roninreckless
“Flour or corn” may be the most important question you answer on any given morning.
Photo via Instagram / jesselizarraras

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