Texans React to the Winter Storm Headed Our Way 

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Following the excitement that came when it snowed last month, Texans are getting all pumped up for the winter storm that's going to shake up the weather. San Antonio, along with surrounding towns and counties, is expected to get more of a cold front – possibly even another bit of snowfall? We'll just have to wait and see.
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AimeTville / Twitter
"there is a winter storm warning for san antonio. wtf. snow???? again????"
iVyDeMilo / Twitter
"Yesterday I had to buy a snow brush and scraper for my car because of the threat of snow this coming Tuesday... But I live in San Antonio..."
Vivalajezelle / Twitter
"It’s supposed to snow in San Antonio , AGAIN . I’m getting all my hood rat snacks and not leaving the house for the next two days"
ArtByPac / Twitter
"so it might snow again in San Antonio later this week..."
bensantibanez / Twitter
"texas click baiting us again with 'snow' ur not fooling me"
jodilee66 / Twitter
"Wow, possible snow again this week, in San Antonio, TX. Must be global warming 😂"
satxautumn / Twitter
"listen San Antonio if it’s gonna snow on Tuesday imma need you to bring your A game again cause these exams are lookin rough"

"it’s gotta snow tomorrow morning fr im not coming to school there’s no way they’re gonna do us dirty again"
WesleyAPEX / Twitter
"Snow expected once again in the Austin and San Antonio Texas are like wtf 2 blizzards in the same year???"
aedmond98 / Twitter
"me:*remembering that magical night of snow in San Antonio, TX*
washington post: bomb cyclone is coming!!!
me:.........fuuuuuuuuuuuuck nah take it back"
whoviancrusher / Twitter
"There’s a chance of snow again next week in San Antonio because the Earth has realized we are all about to die so it’s treating us"
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sadie_pristine / Twitter
"Weathermen: *predicts snow today*

Texas: *60 degrees* bet"
CrisMZiegler / Twitter
"A public prayer:
Dear God, please bring snow to the city of San Antonio this Tuesday, Jan. 16,2018. Enough snow that will make roads slightly dangerous, causing UTSA to cancel classes for the day beginning @ 8AM until at least 6PM.
AMEN 🙏🏻"
anna_shumake / Twitter
"I'm a bag of stress hormones. Winter storm incoming and I need to get to the grocery store (not for disaster prepping but just because, as new parents, we haven't been in awhile and have no food) which means fighting the hordes of people who are out buying all the bread and milk."

"Welcome to Texas where the smallest possibility of snow makes us go into total lockdown."
Sarahhbellll / Twitter
"It's suppose to be icy roads & snow late tonight and tomorrow.. low 25 like wtf this is texas ion even know how to drive in that kind of weather 🌚"
Bermea__ / Twitter
"I'm so glad I live somewhere where snow rarely/ never happens. I couldn't imagine San Antonio with frozen roads and idiotic San Antonio drivers"
thebabewithpwr / Twitter
"'Light snow' expected or as it's known around here 'The End of the Goddamned World.'"

I'd rather light snow dustings than what's likely to happen, sleet and ice. Yay, horrific SanAntonio drivers!
missevieness / Twitter
"holy crow. It's supposed to snow in Austin this week.


"Living in San Antonio, I was disappointed not seeing snow. I have now seen it twice. I think I'm good on snow for a while. Please bring back warmth."
hrjameson / Twitter
"Snow-mageddon is about to happen here. 3 inches of snow and cars smashing into trash cans. I will sip my cocoa at home. #snow #texas #sigh"
BoxxyMikaela / Twitter
jenpfluke / Twitter
"There’s a 15% chance of snow overnight and a high of 51 tomorrow but San Antonio just canceled school tomorrow."
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knreid15 / Twitter
"Lol everyone is tweeting about snow and it was 75 degrees in San Antonio today!😅"
KandyDang / Twitter
"Y’all..... it was just sunny & now it’s about to snow?! I hate Texas lmao"
CMG_44 / Twitter
"SNOW DAY ROUND 2 let’s do this San Antonio 👏🏽 #YouGotItMotherNature"
JustCallMe_Des / Twitter
"It’s supposed to freeze/snow again in San Antonio tomorrow... I did not move home for this bullshit 😭"
kaitlynegarza1 / Twitter
"it’s supposed to snow in san antonio again and i will 100% skip class to commemorate this moment"
bbolt19 / Twitter
MorganTheBayer / Twitter
"It's 65 degrees outside rn & they are saying it might snow tomorrow... Ok Texas."
briireyna / Twitter
"It’s gonna snow in Texas for the second time ? yea lmao the world gonna end"
tarynd2019 / Twitter
"60 degree weather right now and an 80 percent chance of snow in less than 5 hours Texas wyd"
bradOfo / Twitter
"Snow is really in the forecast for tomorrow lol. Texas has actually been doing winter correctly this year."
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AimeTville / Twitter
"there is a winter storm warning for san antonio. wtf. snow???? again????"

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