1. Thai Topaz
Multiple locations

We don’t know if TT’s Medical Center location inspired the menu of seemingly salubrious teas, but who’s complaining? If lemongrass doesn’t really detox, butterfly pea fails to enhance memory or hibiscus strikes out in controlling cholesterol, any and all would be a better companion to Spicy Crazy Noodles than SA’s standard, over-sweetened iced libation. The knee-jerk Pad Thai comes in for praise, but we’d move on to unique offerings such as Spicy Mango Delight and Chicken Asparagus — all topped off with sticky rice and more mango. Which is said by some to clear the skin, promote eye health and improve sex life.

2. Thai Dee Restaurant
5307 Blanco Rd.
210) 342-3622

3. Saeb Thai & Noodles
226 W. Bitters Rd., Suite 124
(210) 545-3354

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