The Best Rap Verses About San Antonio 

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Despite rappers like Kree 23, Spy MC, Vocab and D.R.O, who continually hold it down for San Antonio, we’re not exactly known for having the biggest hip-hop scene. But that hasn’t stopped big-name artists like Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Kool Keith from shouting out San Antonio in some of their hits. On top of SA getting name-dropped in these famous rappers’ music, our own Spurs players like Manu Ginobili and the now-retired Tim Duncan are no strangers to being mentioned in some of the most popular hip-hop tracks out.
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Drake – "Jumpman"
“I hit that Ginobili with my left hand like ‘woo.’"
Photo via Instagram / champagnepapi
Nicki Minaj – "Big Daddy"
"Pulled up in something that look like a million ni**a put me up on
Ain't gotta sell it, but he say the pussy a drug that he re-up on
Spur of the moment, I ball like Ginobili, you bitches get D'ed up on
You mad at me? Go get mad at your nigga 'fore I put my sneakers on"
Photo via Instagram / nickiminaj
Paul Wall – “Gimme That”
“I’ve been on the grind
chasin' paper all over the Texas state
from Dallas To San Antonio my resume is great
I've been holdin' my weight”
Photo via Instagram / paulwallbaby
Lil Wayne – “Put Some Keys On That”
"I got them 24 inches sittin' on the Joe Buddens
In the trunk straight jumpin'
Bitch I can't hear nuthin'
And I might do the Spurs sittin' on them Tim Duncan
And in the Lamborghini I do donuts like dunkin'."
Photo via Instagram / liltunechi
Lil B – “NBA Stole My Swag”
"Flexin' at the playoffs, flexin' at the jewry
Young Based God got bitches at the movies
Hoop Life, Lil B, Tim Duncan groupies
Based God!
Like I said, 'n' shout out to Tim Duncan
Yeah we dunking on bitches, we got Tim Duncan groupies too
We got groupies like Tim Duncan, yeah I said it.”
Photo via Instagram / lilbisgod
Isaiah Rashad – “Soliloquy”
"Fuck it, fuck 'em, take a break, let 'em fuck each other
I ain't your everyday normal brother, porno lover
She savin' children by the low and guzzle, what is muscle?
And I'm finessing like I'm Timmy Duncan, win you something."
Photo via Instagram / isaiahrashad
Silkk the Shocker – ”All Night”
My niggaz in Houston thug all night long (Kane an Abel)
My niggaz in Dallas thug all night long (Mama Mia)
My niggaz in San Antonio thug all night long (Champ)
Photo via Instagram / silkktheshocker
Chief Keef – “Slam Dunkin”
"This 30 on me it's tall, Tim Duncan
Give them two shots a piece, I call it slam dunkin'.”
Photo via Instagram / chieffkeeffsossa
Kool Keith – “Livin’ Astro”
“Movin' roughly, straight to the desert, San Antonio
I talk swift; the rock king, black Romeo”
Photo via Instagram / officialkoolkeith
DJ Quik – “Jus Lyke Compton”
When we arrived I saw red and blue sweatsuits
When i'm thinkin bout horse dookey and cowboy boots
I guess Texas ain't no different from the rest
And San Antonio, was just waitin to put us to the test
And before it was over the shit got deep
A nigga got shot in the face, and was dead in the street
Then they came in the club thinkin of scrappin
Little did they know that we was packin
Yeah, we was puttin em down and squaring the rest, shit
I even had to wear the bulletproof vest
Now San Antonio…
Yeah, San Antonio…”
Photo via Instagram / djquik
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Pharoahe Monch – "Push"
"Your weak-ass compubot power shots mix fly over me
My accurate jabs connect like rotary
Make you notice me, be like: "Damn, dudes awesome totally when he rides the bass line like Ginobili"
I'm vocally unmatched, globally
With the flow, so underground
But mo' public than notary”
Photo via Instagram / davidwallaceshoots
Lil Wayne – “Burn”
"Stop stuntin' if you ballin' buy your bitch something
Stayed on the same team like Tim Duncan."
Photo via Instagram / liltunechi
B-Legit, C-BO, Little Bruce – “You Gotta Buy Your Dope From Us”
“Playa, we at the All-Star game in San Antonio
You and Bruce meet us here and don't to forget to bring it”
Photo via Instagram / blegit72
Gucci Mane –“Maybe It’s the Juice”
"You in a weak crew nigga making checkers moves
Chess moves, Tim Duncan, nigga vet moves
So many snakes in the grass, bought a mongoose
I camouflaged my Foamposites like some jungle.”
Photo via Instagram / laflare1017
Freddie Gibbs, Big Kill – “Str8 Killa No Filla”
“Big Kill! Bitch I'm known to pull a 211
Them Gary police are scared of that 187
I see 'em on me so I bend a couple corners then
San Antonio to Dayton, get back on the feds”
Photo via Instagram / freddiegibbs
Asher Roth – "Cannon!!!!"
"Aww, god damn it That's the last straw, can't stand it
You all must be reprimanded
Spank that fanny, Manny
So uncanny, Ginobili flow left-handed"
Photo via Instagram / asherroth
8Ball – “Get Money”
“This one goes to my Houston gettin' money
Tryin' get you a lick
This one goes to my San Antonio gettin' money
If it ain't about money
This one goes to my Everywhere gettin' money
Then it ain't about shit
This one goes to my World gettin' money”
Photo via Instagram / 8ightball
Do or Die – “La, La, La”
“Dallas and St. Louis, can we make gs?
San Antonio, can we make gs?
Louisiana, can we make gs?
Florida, can we make gs?”
Photo via Spotify / Victory (Chopped & Screwed)
Mr. Serv-on – “Throw Ya City Up”
“It's ’97 I'm back to start some real shit
The scene's real enough to fuck with my click
I hear em screaming from Jackson, Mississippi to Lebanon City
Banging in Dallas, San Antonio, Orange Mount, Tennessee”
Photo via Instagram / doubledown65
Drake – "Jumpman"
“I hit that Ginobili with my left hand like ‘woo.’"
Photo via Instagram / champagnepapi

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