The Buckhorn Saloon & Museum Menu

Time was, your parents would haul your li’l butt to the thrilling premises of the Lone Star Brewery where the Buckhorn Hall of Horns lived; a fun and creepy afternoon could be spent perusing the big ’n’ scary taxidermized animals, then you’d chill en famille in the beer garden with a free beer (root beer for the kiddos). The storied hall has since relocated to the corner of Houston and Presa, two blocks west of the Alamo and a block north of the Riverwalk, and has joined forces with a Texas Ranger Museum and a café/saloon. It’s still an awesome place to take disturbing Facebook profile photos, traumatize animal-rights-oriented family and friends, and gape at a buttload of horns. There’s a bizarre mannequin shoot-out game aimed at children, too. If you believe in karma, though, you may want to avoid the Buckhorn; the combined bad juju of herds of dead animals, unregenerated tribute to the checkered history of the Texas Rangers, and the notorious underpayment of a certain local artist for interior design and murals may just cause that Angus burger to come back on you.