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The end of the (gov't-subsidized for-profit) world as we know it


Yes, Obama and the Dems are a Senate vote and a few pen strokes away from systemic health-care reform. In case your divining rod has been whacked off course by the prophesiers of doom, a handy link to several things that the health-care-reform legislation will change immediately, including closing the "doughnut hole" in Medicare prescription coverage for seniors, an end to caps on annual and lifetime care, and funding for community-health centers.

Also law once the President signs the bill: a major change to the student-loan system, which will eliminate private lenders in the middle, thereby saving oodles of boodle, which will beused in part to fund more Pell grants. If I'm reading the outcry from the right on this correctly, they're upset that our college-age kids won't be subsidizing jobs for lenders now, and paying as much loan interest once they graduate. Ah, those freeloading students! On the bright side: Maybe they'll be able to afford cars and homes.