Live Music

The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Ants

When: Sat., July 25, 9 p.m. 2015

Whether you call it sophisticated sludge, doom-trance, post-metal, progressive rock or just fuckin’ loud, no fancy genre name seems quite adequate to describe both the crushing power and the ponderous depth of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy’s wordless music. TLGH’s sound is a dual-natured anomaly — alternately furious and patient, overflowing and empty. Ants’ breakfast-based jam session Two Nouns And An Onomatopoeia Is That All It Takes to Make a Breakfast Cereal?, started out as an absurd conversation between band members and became a wordless deconstruction of the shoegaze sound, dissecting the wall of sound approach into a hearty, fibrous, drum and fuzz exploration. The three tracks, “Cinnamon,” “Toast” and “Crunch,” are delightfully flippant and surprisingly engrossing. If this is the sound of Ants fucking around, who could ever wish they’d get serious? With Heavy Glow, Over The Top.