The Greatest Things That Happened in Texas in 2018 

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While this year held its share of disappointments and devastating news, 2018 wasn't all bad for Texas. Here are some highlights of good news from the year.
OF 43
This was so overdue. Read more.
It's the least they deserve after being wrongfully convicted and serving 15 years in prison. Read more.
In Texas, this is a necessity. Read more.
SA City Council saved the day. Read more.
We got out rainbow crosswalk! Read more.
Her run on American Idol was truly historic. Read more.
Make it rain, San Antonio. Read more.
He hopes the showers could help the city's homeless population get a better life. Read more.
Now that's something to be proud of. Read more.
Though she didn't unseat Greg Abbott, Valdez later became the first openly-gay, first Latina to secure the ticket for a major party in Texas. Read more.
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With Trump in office, these Dreamers need all the help they can get. Read more.
The 2018 midterms had some wins for Texas progressives. Read more.
It's about time! Read more.
We finally got rid of the crybaby! Read more.
Ellen is the real MVP. Read more.
San Antonio has the first-ever Wonder Woman roller coaster in the world. Read more.
Who run the world? Read more.
The plant pumped out 4.2 million metric tons of greenhouse pollution, according Environmental Protection Agency records. Read more.
We want to be Becky Hammon when we grow up. Read more.
RAICES always comes through. Read more.
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San Antonio women are so badass. Read more.
He wants to help Texas turn blue. Read more.
We have so much hope in this generation. Read more.
And other cities will follow. Read more.
This honestly makes such a big difference for immigrants. Read more.
Despite setbacks and annoyances, these folks persisted in protesting Trump's zero-tolerance policy. Read more.
That's a win for his former constituents. Read more.
His stepmother shielded him during the shooting. She and two of Ryland's sisters were among the victims. Read more.
The program flows financial resources to content providers who use the channel to tackle social issues. Read more.
One conservative town made a right decision. Read more.
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You know its real if the Republicans can admit it. Read more.
The fact that the race was this close gave us hope. Read more.
This is news we'd like more of. Read more.
This was such a badass move. Read more.
Timmy had an adorable +1 for his annual appearance. Read more.
Not great for Ted, but we sure as hell loved it. Read more.
At least this election cycle was good for something. Read more.
The trip catapulted the then-unknown O'Rourke into the spotlight. Read more.
These gals are so badass. Read more.
For many frustrated San Antonians, this was the best thing that happened all year. Read more.
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We're not just talking about race here. Read more.
Though its back in business, many were happy to read that the shady aquarium was shut down. Read more.
Latino power! Read more.
This was so overdue. Read more.

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