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The heavyweights: Daddy Yankee



In 2004, the release of Daddy Yankee's Barrio Fino marked the official birth of reggaetón's first superstar and the legitimization of the genre as a force to be reckoned with in Latin pop. The album is an epic, fierce, infectious and, at times, insufferable collection of hit after hit, but Daddy Yankee's a powerful performer you just can't ignore. You either love or hate reggaetón, that jumpy rhythm that blends hip-hop, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, and dancehall. And even though the Daddy and company lost some of their shine soon after Calle 13 transcended the genre and began to dictate artistic terms, Daddy Yankee is still huge and worth watching live at least once before you die of reggaetonitis. He'll close the show on Saturday.