The Hodgetwins

When: Wed., Nov. 14, 7 p.m. 2018

If ultra-conservative, African-American comedy duo the HodgeTwins (Keith and Kevin Hodge) wanted to monetize their right-wing ideals and love for President Donald Trump even more than they already have, they should trademark #MAGAAA (Make America Great Again and Again) as quickly as possible. Now that Democrats have taken back control of the House, who knows how much more mileage the twins will be able to get out of this administration before Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer make the commander in chief blow a gasket. Until then, the Creatine-infused HodgeTwins are pushing their brand of nationalist humor harder than Trump gets when Putin calls him for pillow talk. If you’re into this kind of thing (they’re basically the XY version of Trump loyalists and vloggers Diamond and Silk), follow the HodgeTwins on Twitter where you can listen to them joke about how many kids Mexicans have (“These people be pushing out babies”) and what they would do if someone from the Latino caravan threw a rock at them (“I’m a put that M-16 on burst and light ‘em up”). Please DM us if you figure out which of the two is the “funny one.”

Price: $25-$45